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Service Offering

Crest Engineering can offer a variety of services including:

Design:                   Site surveys and CAD drawing facilities.

Fabrication:            Entire or part projects, bespoke and replacement items.

Installation:             Full installation or assist customer’s workforce.

On-site Welding:   Fabricate, repair and emergency shut downs.

Machining:             Batch runs, small quantities or single items and prototypes.


We work in a variety of materials, specialising in Stainless Steel, together with Mild Steel and Aluminium using MIG, TIG and ARC welding methods. These can be supplied in various finishes including Polished, Painted, Zinc Sprayed, Powder Coated and Hot Dipped Galvanised.

Although based in south of England, we have worked across the country from Scotland to South West England. Our products are used throughout the United Kingdom (major utilities), Middle East (M.O.D.), America, Europe, Japan (Mitsubishi) and New Zealand.

Our capacity list comprises:
  • In house design

  • AutoCAD

  • FACTORY 10,000 SQ.FT

  • Edward Pearson 150 ton x 3 metres wide C.N.C. press brake.

  • Edward Pearson 200 ton x 4 metres wide C.N.C. press brake.

  • Edward Pearson hydraulic guillotine 4 metres wide x 10mm THK.

  • Haco hydraulic rolls 2 metres wide x 20mm THK.

  • 85 ton steelwork hole punch, cropper and notcher.

  • Imet C.N.C. band saw cutting capacity 350mm square.

  • Thomas band saw 200mm cutting capacity.

  • 2 No. straight line profile burners.

  • Haco section bending rollers capacity 100 x 100 x 12 angle 120 x 16 flat bar.

  • Sahinler mini rolls 1.2 metres wide.

  • T.O.S. lathe capacity 5 metres between centres with digital readout.

  • T.O.S. lathe 1.250 metres between centres.

  • T.O.S. horizontal borer – capacity 6 ton work load with digital readout.

  • Europa 8bvs C.N.C. milling machine.

  • Huron milling machine No. 5 with digital readout.

  • Huron milling machine No. 4 with digital readout.

  • Polomach radial drill with hydraulic drive and feeds capacity 100mm drill x 2.5 metre centres.

  • T.S.Harrison-Alpha 550 C.N.C. lathe 2 metres between centres.

  • T.S.Harrison-Alpha 330 C.N.C. 1.5 metres between centres.

  • 2 No. 350amp Gen-Set mobile diesel welders.

  • 6 No. 350amp Arc-Tec C.O.2 welding sets.

  • 6 No. 350amp Arc-Tec TIG welding sets.

  • 2 No. Philips plasma cutter capacity 24mm THK. stainless steel.

  • 2 No. Oxford 250amp transformers.

  • 1 No. Arc Studwelder.

  • Welding procedures are carried out to BS EN 287.

  • 2 No. 10 ton overhead gantry cranes.

  • 1 No. 5 ton overhead gantry crane.

  • 1 No. 3 ton diesel fork lift truck.

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